enhancing the quality of life

the business of isness
for the pure joy of creation
and the good of all

Rev. Emily Kadi DD.
Santa Barbara, CA


12 Stars Ministry is named for the Lady in Revelations 12 & 21 with the Twelve Stars around her head.

12 Stars is identified as an Independent New Thought Ministry. Emily is an ordained minister, and the entire focus of her work is enhancing the quality of life, the "Common Weal", making Soul visible.

Emily Kadi is a member of American Holistic Health Association. Visit their website at www.ahha.org

12 Stars Ministry is registered with the IRS as a 501-C Corporation.

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Vision: All people are living in integrity with their own soul code. The keyword is: Authenticity.

Mission: The mission is enhancing the quality of life, the commonweal, by being a sanctuary, facilitating the possibility and opportunity for making soul visible, as a lived reality, individually and collectively.


The sole purpose of 12 Stars Ministry is making soul visible.


Emma Curtis Hopkins, Mother of New Thought in America, says the soul does not need to be saved: it needs to be made visible. SCMP p. 59.


Soul is defined to mean the sacred: that unique identifiable eternal essence of creation incarnated as the individual.


Each soul expresses itself uniquely, in its own time and way. This is the Principle of Entelechy. It is what It is.


12 Stars Ministry provides sanctuary for individual soul visibility, within the context of the community of life.


This is done through following the ways of the sages: to preach, teach, heal, and live in love.


The preaching includes the Spiritual Center, celebrations and ceremonials, books, avs, and speaking.


The teaching includes the Academy involving lifelong learning; teaching truth principles; and preparing holistic practitioners, including ministers.


The healing includes the Clinics where holistic modalities of healing are taught and practiced, including prayer, meditation, music, art, Functional living, Attitudinal Healing, Reiki, EFT, Nonviolent Communication, and the Partnership Way.


The living includes global residence, retirement, retreat, recreational, and research facilities with full utilization of current technologies. This is Walking the Beauty Way.


The intention is respect of the Sacred Soul in conscious, competent, compassionate co-creation of all life right here and now in everyway, everyday, in wholiness, health, harmony and happiness, personally, professionally, individually, collectively, locally, globally, universally. This is the commonweal.


The 12 Evolutions of Consciousness as taught through New Thought, Emma Curtis Hopkins, are the basis, as the integrated teachings of east and west, past, present, and future for the greatest good for all.


SOUL DREAM by Rev. Emily Kadi DD.

I too have a dream, and it is Soul: that each Soul is unique, precious, and evolving in its own way; and that there is a time and place, a sanctuary, where the evolution, expression, and experience of one's own Soul can happen in safety, in love, and in the companionship of others who know what is going on, and who value the experience and the person having the experience.

Emma says the Soul does not have to be saved; it has to be made visible. The whole purpose of my work is enhancing the quality of life, the Commonweal, by facilitating the possibility and opportunity for making Soul visible.

For a long time, I have wanted to co-create a holistic healing center. Now I know that this center exists globally. The mission of 12 Stars is Sanctuary for facilitating the possibility and opportunity for making Soul Visible. This Sanctuary is one jewel in Indra's Net, linked with all other centers globally. It is a Spiritual center, linked with others, and linked with clinics where holistic practitioners do their healing work. There are also links with academies for the teaching of practitioners, including New Thought ministers and Healing Mediums. And this global campus has residential, retreat, retirement, recreational and research facilities.

One of the hot topics of NEW THOUGHT now is: what purpose do we now serve? There is great excitement about what "New Thought" means now, and as we move into the 3rd millennium, the 21st century. We are an evolving species, with evolving Soul consciousness, and can now consciously CO-create our world. We will be a solar system species by the end of the 3rd millennium; and galactic after that; and then, universal. The possibility that we will have eternal human life is no longer just a possibility, but a reality. To acknowledge we are in Truth and in fact universal, eternal beings, we are still here now. What good is there in universal eternal life, if right here and now, we do our recovery work, our Soul work, and still have war, abuse, starvation, illness. Do we want to take that stuff with us into the next millennium, into the solar system and beyond? Or has all this recovery work that has been occurring, part of Soul evolution, preparation for some thing new that is birthing? Are you living a happy, healthy, harmonious, wholy quality life now? How is your commonweal?

12 STARS MINISTRY remains committed to making Soul visible. I have resumed classes, focused upon the teaching works that are foundational to the New Thought movement, as presented by Emma Curtis Hopkins. They are a synthesis of the wisdom of the saints and sages of the east and west, presented in a way the western mind can comprehend. God is God whether scripture is in Sand Painting or Sanskrit, or what century one is incarnate in. These presentations of Truth are the only ones I found that are free of bureaucratic regulations, so that Soul really is free to express, safely. And it is this expression of Soul, of Wholy Spirit, that allows for Soul evolution that will take us the next step.

I have also incorporated Reiki, Attitudinal Healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Spiritualism, Non-Violent Communiation, and Recovery programs in my ministry. I have been doing a lot of meditation lately, to make sure I got my orders clear, and I have. This venture is not for wimps. So if you know what you know, and are ready to do what you came here to do and be who you are, please know that you are welcome here.