Rev. Emily Kadi DD.
Santa Barbara, CA

490 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); ISBN 1-4120-2498-6;

About the Book
This anthology of the wisdom teachings of the sages is designed to be used as a reference, or self help, or in classes or groups. It helps people to become aware of the possibilities of personal Soul growth, to grow into living authentically as who and what one really is. The book is offered as a course of study. Ancient wisdoms teach us that when we know our own soul, and live in integrity with it, then we are happy, healthy, holy harmonious people who can and do fulfill the purpose of our birth. Current wisdom teachings from current day Sages is included.

The course is designed to accommodate the focus of study on one concept per day, for one year. Each wisdom teaching is offered as a starting point for the possibility of perceiving the human life experience from a different perspective. It is one way of applying the ancient teachings to contemporary life. It is up to each individual to explore and experience each concept to determine the value of it to Self. Each wisdom work, and/or author, is introduced by a short essay on the work. There are daily guides, monthly summaries, author summaries, and a bibliography to gain more information on concepts of particular significance to the individual.

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Review of SAGACITY: Wisdom Teachings of the Sages of the Ages & Interview with the author
by Patricia Kelly

This is one of those books that I recognized immediately as a huge resource from first leaf-through. After going over it thoroughly and envisioning its overall possibilities I still feel the same way, only more so. Rev. Kadi has compiled and organized readings from many different wisdom systems into a year of daily study for groups or individuals. Such as: Teachings of Emma Curtis Hopkins (founder of New Thought); Twelve Step programs; Archetypes (“Awakening the Heroes Within”); Women Apostles; Basic Principles of Buddhism, Hinduism, Native American practices; 12 World Teachers; “Secrets of Unlimited Prosperity;” “The Power of 12: Achieving 12 Strand DNA Consciousness;” Teachings of Ishmael; Teachings of Barbara Marx Hubbard (Conscious Evolution). And these are only a few of the teachings excerpted from for the book’s year of study, and does not even touch on the additional recommended readings.

Of course, these wisdom systems are available in various forms, from print to various electronic formats, and for purchase or from libraries and even some from the internet. What makes SAGACITY unique is that so many wise systems are not only organized together but in a work-book format. Each month has a personal goal the student/seeker determines and an overall focus recommended by the book. Within each month, another aspect of the same cycle of wisdom teachings for meditation and exploration is highlighted in excerpts from books and articles, with “rest and review” days also allotted. When I compare this to my decades of “hit and miss” seeking I wonder how different my own path might have been had there been a book such as this available. Read more...


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